Meritxell Martell together with Tanja Perko from SCK CEN (Belgium), Yevgeniya Tomkiv from NMBU (Norway), Stephanie Long and Alison Dowdall from EPA Ireland and Joke Kenens from KU Leuven (Belgium) have published the paper “Evaluation of citizen science contributions to radon research” in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. This is the first publication from the RadoNorm project. The authors have examined and evaluated existing citizen science initiatives in the field of radon. They have also assess the extent to which these citizen science initiatives contribute to radon research and/or radiation protection on radon. Most of the current citizen science projects apply the simplest form of participation (crowdsourcing) and only one of the eight identified focuses on radon mitigation. The development of citizen science initiatives which considers not only testing but also radon mitigation, may contribute to a decrease in radon related lung cancer. Our aim in RadoNorm is to launch citizen science initiatives where citizens actively reduce the levels of radon exposure in their houses.

You can access the paper at: