The final report of the Metropolis Energy Governance (MEGA) is now available. MEGA is an initiative of Barcelona Metropolitan Area in cooperation with Lyon Metropole and Intendencia de Montevideo and partly funded by Metropolis through its pilot projects program. The aim of MEGA, which as launched in June 2017 and finished in July 2019, was to exchange knowledge on how metropolitan areas address governance in the energy transition process towards a low carbon society.

The exchanges and discussions throughout the course of this project have resulted in the following main findings regarding governance of the energy transition process:

  • All metropolitan areas have already taken the decision to adopt ambitious renewable energy targets by 2030 and to promote energy efficiency as part of their policies towards a low carbon economy. However, it is not an easy path. A reflection needs to be made on to what extent ambitions can also be realistic and practicable, as some objectives might not be applicable for different regions which show different characteristics at local level (e.g. density of urban areas, wind potential, etc).
  • Although the different metropolitan areas vary in size, population density, level of development, climate, deployment of renewables, level of resources, etc, each metropolitan area focused on a specific aspect to pave the way to a sustainable energy system. Grand Lyon works in partnerships with industry and businesses to engage them in energy matters and AMB focuses its work on the municipalities of the metropolitan area to advance the deployment of renewables and foster energy efficiency. Instead, Montevideo has the advantage of being in a country where renewables provide 97% of the country’s electricity. Therefore, the Intendencia of Montevideo has focused on the transport sector, encouraging the use of electric vehicles and bike system in the city.
  • The cross-cutting and transversal nature of energy and its importance on a regional scale requires an integrated approach and working closely with other departments at metropolitan level, such as economy, urban planning, housing, industrial development, transport and mobility and resource management, among others.
  • The engagement of civil society in designing and implementing a new energy model is a crucial aspect in the process of transition towards a low carbon economy.

MEGA final report