The NEA workshop on stakeholder involvement in nuclear decision making took place from17-19 January 2017 in Paris. It brought together more than 130 experts from 26 countries to discuss stakeholder involvement in decisions regarding nuclear energy.

Those of us who have been working in this field for a long time (almost 15 years in my case!) could revisit some of the lessons learned, failures and remaining questions in communication and stakeholder engagement. For instance:

  • these processes use to take much longer than what you had initially planned,
  • local knowledge is a resource to be used;
  • how to engage younger generations;
  • listening is critical;
  • a common understanding of the terms and concepts (e.g. stakeholder, trust, transparency, openness, etc) is useful. I would like to refer here to the FSC Glossary, published in 2013, where we analysed the evolution of terms used by FSC members.
  • And many other issues.

The presentations are available at:

Mr. Magwood, NEA DG in the closing session

Ms. Martell (17/1/2017)