Governance in the energy transition towards a low carbon society in metropolitan areas Project description Merience provides the technical secretariat of the project "Governance in the energy transition towards a low carbon society in metropolitan areas" (Metropolis [...]



Good practices in implementing the requirements on public information in the event of an emergency Project description The consortium SCK·CEN/Merience is currently undertaking a study to assess good practices in implementing the requirements on public [...]


Rural Communities Engaged with Positive Energy Project description COMPOSE is a three-year project whose main objective is to increase the share of renewable local energy sources in energy mix strategies and plans in 11 Mediterranean regions. [...]



Integrating Social Sciences and Humanities into Teaching about Energy Project description MERIENCE is one of the seven partners in TEACHENER, a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme of the European Commission, which aims to [...]

RWM Stakeholders Map

Radioactive Waste Management Stakeholders Map in the European Union (2014) Project description In the framework of 'Energy - Transparency Centre of Knowledge'  (E-TRACK) launched by Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER) and the Joint Research [...]


International Socio-technical challenges for implementing geological disposal (InSOTEC) 2011-2014 Project description InSOTEC is a research project within the 7th EURATOM Framework Programme which aims to identify and clarify socio-technical challenges related to geological disposal and [...]

FSC Glossary

Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management. An Annotated Glossary of Key Terms. Project description The publication "Stakeholder confidence in radioactive waste management. An Annotated Glossary of Key Terms" (2013) is a synthesis reference guide of [...]


Local communities' expectations and demands on monitoring and preservation of records, knowledge and memory (RK&M) of a deep geological repository Project description The study on "local communities' expectations and demands on monitoring and the preservation [...]

Crisis communication

Road Map for crisis communication of nuclear regulatory organisations Project description The "Road Map for Crisis Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations. National Aspects" (also in Spanish: "Manual de comunicación de crisis para las organizaciones reguladoras [...]


Building a platform for enhanced societal research related to nuclear energy in Central and Eastern Europe Project description PLATENSO (2013-2016) aims to provide a proposal towards establishing a European Entity on Social, Societal and Governance [...]

Abyss ITN


Marie Curie Initial Training network on reactive geological systems from the mantle to the abyssal sub-sea floor Project description Merience is an associated partner of the Abyss Initial Training Network (2014-2017) on reactive geological systems from [...]


Spanish Energy Mix Forum (2012-2013) Project description Informe SEMF finalMerience coordinated the SEMF project, launched as a pilot project with the participation of the European Commission Directorate General Energy and the support of the European [...]


High resolution monitoring, real time visualization and reliable modeling of highly controlled, intermediate and up-scalable size pilot injection tests of underground storage of CO2 Project description The aim of the TRUST project is to predict [...]

Climate Metropole +

Cooperation and knowledge exchange towards an integrated and participatory approach to climate change adaptation in cities   Project description Merience is the technical coordinator of the project Climate Metropole + (2015-2016) which aims to exchange and [...]


Seminar on nuclear energy for Polish professionals Project description TECNATOM organised seminars on nuclear energy for more than 60 professionals involved in the development of the nuclear programme in the Republic of Poland. Merience delivered two lectures on [...]



Lectures at UPF Master's course on Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication Project description Delivery of lectures on “environmental risk communication” and “crisis communication” to the Master's students on scientific, medical and environmental communication at UPF since 2012. [...]

International training workshops

Expertise in technical meetings, workshops and training courses on communication and stakeholder involvement Project description Delivery of training courses on stakeholder involvement and communication in workshops and technical meetings organised by the IAEA in different countries. [...]