Merience is a partner in the new EU project RadoNorm on radon and other naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). The project is a major initiative, under the leadership of Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) in Germany, with 56 partners from 22 European countries. Starting on 1st September, the partners in this multidisciplinary consortium will work together over the next five years to improve the knowledge about radon and materials with elevated content of NORM.

It is well known that radon increases the risk of lung cancer, but it is possible that other cancers can also be linked to radon exposure. NORM can also contribute to increased radiation doses. This is particularly true of NORM from mining areas, waste from non-nuclear industries such as oil and gas industry. The project will also help to educate new researchers in radioecology and radiological protection, which is important for ensuring long-term competence.

In the RadoNorm project, Merience leads together with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ireland the establishment of a citizen science incubator for radon prone areas as well as a network of citizen science projects to address radon testing. One of the first activities of the project will be the on-line consultation on “Investigating the potential of citizen science for effective radon measurements and mitigation” co-organised by the RadoNorm project, SHARE and IAEA in the framework of RICOMET.